KONY 2012: False Assumptions

The words KONY 2012 have somewhat vanished into a state of non existence, in terms of the media, as what had once appeared to be an acute moral panic has become that of ‘old news’. Although, steering away from representations of the viral campaign as merely a pro or anti Kony stance, the media has recently begun documenting and reporting on the phenomena as a reflection of the instability of Uganda, “Considering the collateral damage it has done to Uganda’s reputation.” 

 The media, however, has falsely represented documentations of the viral campaigns movement, as Uganda’s Ambassador Perezi Kamunanwire mentions how over the last ten years, the number of tourist who visits Uganda has grown to over a million. This is clear proof that Uganda is a free, safe and stable country worthy of visiting and doing business with. In addition to this first hand account of Uganda’s stability, the #KonyisnotinUganda hash tag on social media site Twitter, was developed in attempts to emphasise that Kony is in fact absent from Uganda and has been for since 2006, where this can then bring one’s attention to the underlying questions imposed by Annika Neujahr:

  • Do these facts make the matter less urgent?
  • Do these arguments in any way invalidate the aim of the video?

 Whether the media has chosen to portray the phenomena as that of a detriment to the Ugandan community intentionally or unintentionally Uganda is not in conflict. Uganda is a modern, developing country which enjoys peace, stability and security, Ugandan President Mbabazi assured viewers, inviting anyone who doubts it to come and see for themselves, nevertheless the media continues to challenge ones perception of the country, alluding to the idea that Kony continues to cause outrage to the economy and society as “reputation makers of Kony 2012’ attempted to taint this with the lie that Uganda was still at conflict with LRA still within.

 Opening as a media outrage and transitioning into what Milton Allimadi describes as destructive propaganda, the KONY 2012 campaign has become that of a reflection of the moral panics destruction of the country Uganda, initiating and developing upon false assumptions in regards to the economic stability of the country as opposed to representing the campaign in a factual and objective manner.



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