BCM112 Reflection

Throughout the course of the subject Convergent Media practices, as a budding media enthusiast and prosumer, I have been able to extend my learning within the participatory convergent culture through reflecting on issues and concepts associated with this environment within weekly blog posts.

Week nines blog post, ‘The habitual remix’, I feel has been one of my most successful posts as it reflected on the remix and mash-up culture, exploring Kirby Furgusons’ notion that “everything is a remix”, as the argument which I communicated within this post was that it’s merely human instinct to copy, with majority of content becoming a remix of what once was, to some extent, original content.

‘The rise of the citizen journalist’ was my post from week nine, which I feel provided a structured argument on the importance of citizen journalists and their significant contribution within participatory culture. This argument was supported through identifying the importance of citizen journalism in the 2005 London Bombings as mainstream media broadcasted these amateur accounts of the event, alike to the news broadcasts of the Creamfields Music Festivals incident which presented footage filmed from festival goers mobiles phones.

 The final post which I submitted was ‘Beware; the trolls are here’, which I have also deemed as one of my most well written posts as it not only explored the concepts addressed in week tens lecture, being that of Internet trolling and the underlying misogyny attached to this discriminatory behaviour, but it reflected upon the issue of anonymity in regards to where the line is and should be in relation to open or closed comments on online content.

 These three selected blog posts I feel, have successfully addressed significant components within convergent culture, as through evaluating previous blog posts these final submissions managed to demonstrated reflections rather than accounts of theory as my prior posts had done.


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