By now, I’m almost certain that those of you who read this blog have been recently educated on the ‘Kony craze’, even if this was through simply viewing my first blog post. There is, although, one aspect that may differ from individual to individual; how did you come across this universal issue..

 I still remember the 5th of March; it was like any ordinary afternoon, where I would sign into my Facebook account after returning home from Uni. On this particular occasion, the first post to appear on my news feed read ‘KONY 2012’, although I merely scanned the post then proceeded with checking my notifications. “You have been invited to the group MAKE KONY FAMOUS”, “You have been invited to the group KONY 2012”. What? Two out of Three notifications mentioned this so called ‘Kony’. I then refreshed the home page to see not only the initial Kony orientated post, but a news feed flooded with corresponding peculiar phrases.

Success. This is exactly what the Invisible Children’s Organisation and Leader Jason Russell had anticipated; creating global awareness of Joseph Konys inhumane actions via social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, through establishing inquisitiveness and interest, where curiosity proved to be the key initiator of their viral campaign.

 Worldwide communities have become consumed by this overpowering curiosity, where the campaign has been presented as an ‘eye opener’ to social and political issues which have gone unnoticed, fashioned by a hijack of social media outlets. Until individuals’ computers became flooded with Kony content, the likes of Joseph Kony and the Ugandan Lord’s Resistance Army were in many cases unheard of. Thus, there was no chance of bringing an end to the LRA’s horrific doings if hardly anyone knew of the Army, let alone the routines of this militia.

 It is amazing to think that the intrinsic human sensation of curiosity has created a social media sensation in its self, presenting to the World a campaign hosting an element of mystery intertwined with a willing desire to acquire knowledge and power. The power to…

 (Image source: Impacted Nurse.com, Stop Kony)
(Quick edit: 4/4/12)

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