Ready, Set, Blog.

I think it is safe to say that our generation’s means of communication via social networking sites has been somewhat frowned upon. Statements such as “Get off that phone”, “Get off that computer”, i’m sure have sparked the start of rants and lectures in many a household on many occasions.

Unlike a parental lecture, I attended my first University lectures for the subjects BCM110 (Introduction to Communication and Media Studies) and BCM112 (Convergent Media Studies) where I found my self pleasantly surprised. Not only were we encouraged to explore different forms of convergent media and technologies, we were required to participate in online content creation through establishing our own twitter page and wordpress blog.

Having never blogged before, what you read and view on my page will certainly be a work in progress, although I hope this blog will interest you just as the subjects bcm110 and bcm112 have interested me.